syz·y·gy (sĭz′ə-jē)

noun : an alignment of three celestial bodies, such as the sun, moon, and earth during an eclipse.

also a podcast wherein real-life, actual astronomer Dr Emily Brunsden from the University of York and not-astronomer but enthusiastic science nerd Dr Chris Stewart explore the universe.

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Thursday 23 May, 7:30PM — The Mickelgate Social, York
FREE — but space is limited so
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Come to an evening of cosmic chat and astronomical absurdity — a special live recording of the podcast on the Pint Of Science festival fringe. Emily & Chris compete for fame and glory, bringing their A-game in astronomical amazements for audience acclamation and alliterative approval. The audience will vote for the Space Off winner on the night, and the show will be edited into a special podcast episode for the world beyond York’s ancient walls. Get your free tickets NOW!

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